Novelty Fabric Motif Applique with Scan N Cut

Recently I gave a talk at Electric City Quilters Guild in Anderson, SC. One of the members there showed me a beautiful quilt she made for her granddaughter using a Princess novelty fabric. She cut the motifs out and appliqued them onto the blocks. I think this could very loosely be called broderie perse. While the motifs are not fussy cut like real broderie perse, it is a patterned motif appliqued to a background.

On my way home I stopped at Mary Jo’s and happened to see an adorable Mr. Potato Head fabric on the sale table. This was the perfect opportunity to try to fussy cut the motifs with the Brother Scan N Cut.

After scanning, the SNC would not create an outline of the motif because there was not enough contrast between background and motif. It would not even make an offset outline of the motif–again lack of contrast was the issue.

But, when at first you don’t succeed, try again! And the challenge was solved as follows.

1. Scan to USB.

Using the fabric motif attached to the high tack mat, scan the motif with Scan to USB. This creates a jpg file on a USB drive.


2. Trace in Art and Stitch.

Open the jpg file as a Backdrop in Art and Stitch Plus and trace an offset outline using the curve tool. I tried this using a scan setting of 200 dpi and 300 dpi. The backdrop opened in the exact size in Art and Stitch and I did not have to edit the backdrop. You will see that I lightened the scan slightly so that I could see the drawn line.

001 Trace PH

3. Print Outline and Scan with SNC.

Print the outline from Art and Stitch Plus onto white paper and scan it using the low tack mat and the SNC.

002 Print Outline

4.Scan motif as a background.

With the traced outline shape on the SNC screen, scan the fabric motif (attached to the high tack mat) as a background.


5. Cut motif.

On the SNC screen, use the stylus and move the shape so that it fits the background scan. Cut.

2014-07-10 07.28.40-1 (Custom)

6. Create embroidery file.

In Art and Stitch Plus, use the original outline that was traced for cutting. Apply the applique tool to create an applique stitch around the shape. I set the Placement line to 0, used a zigzag tackdown, and a motif cover stitch (emb_f073). Save as an embroidery file and stitch.

004 Applique Extra settings 003 Apply applique stitches

This is a photo of the first one I did that has been stitched. Isn’t it great?

2014-07-10 07.29.51 (Custom)

Summary: This takes several steps to complete. Could it be done faster if I simply cut around the shape and took it to the regular sewing machine and stitched a decorative stitch around it?—-Probably. But if I have multiple similar motifs (I bought two yards of the fabric and have six grandchildren), then this saves time in the end. And I love the motif so much, I think I may use some on t-shirts. They are so cute.

Where I think this would be worth all the effort is to have a motif on a white background that would scan exactly and then the motif could be fussy cut perfectly with the SNC. In addition, this is a case where the SNC trumps the Silhouette Cameo because of the background scan capability.

What do you think? Is there an easier way to do this?

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