Cutting SVG Files with the Silhouette

I love my AccuQuilt die cutting machine for cutting fabric for applique. But sometimes there are shapes that just can’t be cut with it, and sometimes I need different shapes to do paper crafts with the children. I own both a Silhouette Cameo and a Brother Scan n Cut digital craft cutter. But the Silhouette Cameo (SC) is the machine that I use the most because it’s easier for me to work with the software and then send the cut to the machine.

It has taken me a long time to really understand which tool to use for cutting an svg file with the SC. And the reason is that I didn’t understand the icons exactly. This makes me a very, very slow learner as I have had this machine a couple of years. So, these images are provided not only for myself, but also for anyone else who is having the same issues that I have had.

In the images below, you will see the difference between the two cut icons/settings. The red line is the cut line and the black line is the line from the svg file. As you can see, the icon/cut setting you choose will also determine whether you get a cut that borders the edge of the shape, gives you two cuts on either side of the same line, or is the exact size of the shape. If it borders the shape, then it’s going to be just slightly larger than the placement line for the applique.If it gives you two cuts on the same line, then you’re going to have a raggedy edge on fabric (and maybe paper). But if it cuts in the center of the line, then you will get a fabric applique shape that fits the placement line exactly.

Look at the icons carefully. It is the second icon that gives the perfect cut from an svg file. The first icon is labeled “Cut Edge” and as you can see, that is what it does. The second icon is labeled “Cut” and it cuts exactly on the line.

And if there is any doubt as to where the line will cut, enlarge the shape on your screen until you can see where the red cut line is before you cut. And another option is to use scrap copy paper to make a sample cut for size before you cut your fabric.

Using the “Cut Edge” icon, you can see that the lines are on the outer edge of the svg lines and the cut shape will be larger than the placement lines for the applique.



Using the “Cut Edge” icon, again you see that the cut lines are on the outer edges of the svg line and the shape will cut with two lines creating a ragged, frayed edge on the applique shape.



Using the second icon for “Cut” the red cutting line is exactly in the center of the black svg line–just the perfect place for cutting applique shapes from fabric.




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